Engine Repair Tips

Auto Repair

Regular car maintenance sounds costly but it is important to keep your vehicle in great condition and save you from very expensive engine repair. Maintenance and fast repair is the best way to get the most out of your vehicle. Next time the check engine light comes up, pay attention to these common areas of engine problems that may need repairs:

Oil change necessary

Engine oil maintains lubrication between the moving parts of the engine to reduce friction and to reduce heat. Changing your engine oil is necessary to maintain proper engine function. If you engine is not properly lubricated, the engine will overheat and the parts will seize. Lower engine oil levels are also sign of leakage or burning. Sometimes the oil starvation is caused by an oil pump failure.

Clogged or missing oil filter

The engine oil can build up leaving deposits on the intake valves, combustion chambers and park plugs. Dirty oil ruins the vehicles bearings by leaving debris, which embeds in the surface. Dirty engine oil may be due to a clogged or missing oil filter.


Detonation or spark knock is a common engine problem. It is a type of combustion resulting from the buildup of heat and pressure in the combustion chamber of the engine. You will hear a metallic knocking or pinging noise from your engine in case this happens. Engine repair is necessary when the knocks are heavy or if there is prolonged detonation as it can cause serious damage to the parts. Damage includes crushing the rod bearings, blowing the head gasket or punching holes in your pistons. Prolonged pinging noises should send your car to the garage immediately.

Faulty oxygen sensors

This is also another common engine repair area. The oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen that has not burnt in the exhaust and transmits this information to the car’s data system as to how much fuel is left in the tank. If your car receives incorrect information, you will experience lower gas mileage.

Poor compression

The compression of air and fuel facilitates the engines combustion process. If the valves are not sealed properly, the cylinder has a hole or if the piston rings are worn out, the air leak can cause lack of compression and combustion in the engine.

Overheating engine

In case your engine is overheating, you may be leaking coolant. Overheating engines can experience irreparable damage. You should always ensure that the coolant is clean and the cooling system works perfectly whenever operating the vehicle. A dirty coolant can also cause clogging in the radiator. If the radiator is filled with sediment from a dirty coolant or corroded from hard water, it could cause your engine to overheat as w

Preventative Maintenance

Don’t Skip Servicing Your Car

If you use your car for your daily commute to work, dropping your kids off at school or running your errands, then you know how much of an inconvenience it can be if your car suddenly breaks down. Servicing your car regularly is what makes the difference between your car running smoothly and efficiently and your car risking breaking down and needing expensive and unexpected repairs. Wear and tear during vehicle usage usually builds up over time and can fast become costly repairs if not detected early.

Vehicle servicing depends on manufacturer recommendations as well as the use of the vehicle, mileage and age. If you use your SUV for regular off-road activities, it may need narrower servicing intervals than a vehicle that is used for city driving.

There are two types of car service available today:

  • Interim service has 35 main action points, four changes and four top ups. Some of these changes include an engine oil change, oil filter change and the nut torque. During an interim service, you should also expect checking and changing the tire pressure, topping up the clutch fluid, power steering reservoir, windscreen washer and brake fluid levels. In case there are any other changes required from the vehicle checks, the garage would let you know since you may incur further costs.
  • Full service has 61 main action points including all the points in the interim service and more. Additional changes and top ups includes replacing the air filter, topping up the coolant or antifreeze strength, clutch fluid, gearbox fluid and more. The touch ups and top ups depend on manufacturer guidelines for your vehicle. Overall health checks are also performed on the vehicle

Car repair is important to your safety

Modern vehicles have all kinds of complicated bits and parts. If you are not a professional you may not be able to fully service your own vehicle as in needs. You can even cause damage to your engine, which is dangerous and quite expensive to repair. Car servicing ensures that all the safety features of your vehicle are in perfect working condition and the vehicle can be operated safely as well. With your engine working, your tires and brakes in great condition, your lights operating well and all the electronic warning signs on your vehicle in perfect condition, your car is a lot more safer.

Car service is important for insurance

Not getting your vehicle serviced within the recommended maintenance schedule may cause problems with your insurance in case of an accident. Not getting vehicle service can invalidate your insurance and your claims will not be paid out in case your vehicle is overdue for a service.